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kai kjartan høgberg hanging

Structural integration

Greater Oslo Area

SI is a whole-body, system-oriented  and connective-tissue process, that goals to unravel complex structural and movement patterns, to restore it to a more balanced and functional state through more support, trust, and a better aligned body.


Online Coaching

Don’t settle for a life marred by discomfort and limited mobility. Unleash the power of good posture and experience a profound change that ripples through every aspect of your life. The program will be designed to fit your specific needs.


Online Coaching

Shift from the visual, gym-centric, isolated, repetition-based fitness model, and embrace a paradigm shift, focusing on natural, innate, functional, and movement-based training. Video calls and assessments are included.

Live Workshops


In my live workshops, I summarize the fundamentals and self-care around building your movement practice. Movement affects genetics and epigenetics, so come and flow, breathe, and play to transform how you live in your body. 

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