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Evoke Your Human Animal Workshop

evoke your human animal

Workshop Description:

The “Evoke Your Human Animal” workshop is a two-day immersive experience that invites participants to tap into their primal instincts and rediscover their innate physical capabilities through animal-inspired movements and natural patterns. This workshop combines movement exploration, playfulness, and creativity to help participants embrace their primal nature and enhance their overall physicality.

Day 1: Connecting with Primal Instincts

Session 1: Introduction to Primal Movement (1.5 hours)

  • Welcome and icebreaker activities to create a comfortable environment.
  • Overview of the workshop’s objectives and structure.
  • Discussion on the benefits of primal movement and its relevance to modern life.

Session 2: Sensory Awareness and Nature Connection (1 hour)

  • Guided sensory exercises to heighten participants’ awareness of their environment.
  • Mindfulness techniques to establish a connection with the present moment.
  • Group discussions on the importance of connecting with nature.

Session 3: Animal Movement Basics (2 hours)

  • Introduction to natural and fundamental human animal movements (crawling, squatting, rolling, etc.).
  • Guided practice of each movement, focusing on form and functionality.
  • Partner activities to encourage cooperation and communication.

Day 2: Embodying the Human Animal Spirit

Session 4: Building Human Animal Movement Sequences (2 hours)

  • Integration of animal movements into flowing sequences.
  • Creating sequences that mimic animal behaviors and movement patterns.
  • Group and individual practice of sequences with a focus on fluidity.

Session 5: Playful Movement Exploration (1.5 hours)

  • Introduction to improvisational movement inspired by animal behaviors.
  • Group movement games and challenges that encourage creativity and playfulness.
  • Emphasis on self-expression and discovering unique movement qualities.

Session 6: Human Animal Flow (2 hours)

  • Deep dive into a structured human animal flow practice, incorporating multiple movements.
  • Guided by Kai Kjartan, participants will flow through a series of dynamic movements and transitions.
  • Focus on building strength, mobility, and coordination while embracing the human animal spirit.

Closing and Reflection (1 hour)

  • Group discussion on the experiences and insights gained over the two days.
  • Sharing of personal breakthroughs, challenges, and favorite moments.
  • Distribution of workshop materials/resources, if applicable.
  • Final remarks, gratitude, and certificates of completion.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for dynamic movement.
  • Yoga mats or soft exercise mats for each participant.
  • Open space for movement activities.
  • Workshop materials (handouts, resources) as needed.
  • Participants should be in reasonably good physical condition, but adaptations can be made for various fitness levels.


The two-day workshop allows for a more in-depth exploration of animal-inspired movements and provides ample time for participants to absorb and practice the concepts introduced. The workshop’s content can be adapted based on the instructor’s expertise, participants’ interests, and any specific animal movements that participants find intriguing. The facilitator’s knowledge of natural movement patterns, creativity, and playfulness will contribute to a dynamic and enriching workshop experience.

Soft Body Soft Floor - Workshop

evoke your human animal

Duration: 2-day Intensive Workshop

Workshop Objectives:
Develop a deep awareness of the body’s sensations and movements, and how joints and soft tissues are connected and operate.

Cultivate a sense of softness, suppleness, and responsiveness in movement.
Enhance body-mind connection through mindfulness and breath awareness.
Explore movement patterns that encourage fluidity and adaptability.
Provide practical tools for incorporating softness into daily activities for improved well-being.

Day 1: Developing Body Awareness and Connection to the Ground
Introduction (1 hour)
Welcome participants and introduce the workshop’s goals and objectives.
Explain the importance of cultivating a soft and responsive body in movement.
Briefly touch on the workshop’s structure and what participants can expect.

Session 1: Grounding and Body Scan (1.5 hours)
Explore the concept of grounding and its significance in movement.
Guided meditation and body scan to increase awareness of body sensations.
Practicing mindful breathing to connect with the present moment and the environment.

Session 2: Fluid Warm-Up (1.5 hours)
Gentle warm-up exercises focusing on fluid, continuous movements.
Incorporate joint mobility exercises to awaken the body and increase circulation.
Emphasize the sensation of softness in movement, encouraging participants to let go of tension.

Day 2: Exploring Softness in Movement Patterns

Session 3: Dynamic Flow (2 hours)
Introduce dynamic movement sequences that emphasize flexibility and suppleness.
Explore movements that transition smoothly between standing, sitting, and lying positions.
Encourage participants to experiment with different rhythms and tempos.

Session 4: Soft Floor Movement (2.5 hours)
Introduction to movement on the floor.

Guided exploration of various movements and transitions while maintaining a soft and responsive body.
Partner exercises involving gentle touch and support to enhance the feeling of softness.

Session 5: Integrating Softness into Daily Life (1.5 hours)
Discussion on how to incorporate the principles of softness into everyday activities.

Mindful movement practices for relaxation and stress reduction.
Tips for maintaining a supple body and relaxed mindset outside of the workshop.

Closing and Reflection (1 hour)
Group discussion and sharing of insights from the workshop.
Reflect on participants’ experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs.
Provide resources for further exploration, including recommended reading, online communities, and practices.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Comfortable yoga attire suitable for movement.
  • Yoga mats and props for each participant.
  • Open space for movement activities.
  • Workshop materials (handouts, resources) as needed.

Missing Links In Yoga Workshop

get more out of your yoga practice

Workshop Description:

The “Missing Links in Yoga” workshop aims to delve deeper into yoga practice by exploring often overlooked or misunderstood aspects. Participants will gain a holistic understanding of yoga that goes beyond postures, focusing on the subtle dimensions of breath, alignment, philosophy, and mindfulness. This workshop is ideal for practitioners looking to bridge the gaps in their practice and deepen their connection with yoga’s essence.


1-day workshop (approximately 6 hours)

Workshop Objectives:

  • Enhance participants’ yoga practice by addressing commonly neglected aspects.
  • Deepen understanding of yoga philosophy, breath, alignment, and mindfulness.
  • Provide practical tools to integrate missing elements into daily practice.
  • Foster a more holistic and meaningful connection with yoga.

Workshop Outline:

Introduction (30 minutes)

  • Welcome and icebreaker activities.
  • Overview of the workshop’s goals and structure.
  • Discussion on the concept of “missing links” in yoga practice.

Session 1: Yoga Philosophy Beyond Asana (1 hour)

  • Exploration of yoga’s historical and philosophical roots.
  • Discussion on the Eight Limbs of Yoga and their relevance to modern practice.
  • Guided reflection on integrating philosophy into asana practice.

Session 2: The Breath: Foundation of Practice (1 hour)

  • Breath awareness exercises and pranayama techniques.
  • Understanding the link between breath and movement in yoga.
  • How proper breathing enhances physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Lunch Break (1 hour)

Session 3: Alignment and Anatomy (1.5 hours)

  • Deeper exploration of alignment principles in key yoga poses.
  • Discussion on the importance of safe and functional alignment.
  • Practical exercises and adjustments for optimizing alignment.

Session 4: Mindfulness and Meditation in Motion (1.5 hours)

  • Introduction to mindfulness techniques for enhancing yoga practice.
  • Guided meditation with movement to cultivate presence on the mat.
  • Integrating mindfulness into asana practice and daily life.

Closing and Reflection (30 minutes)

  • Group discussion on the insights gained during the workshop.
  • Sharing of personal experiences and realizations.
  • Distribution of workshop materials/resources, if applicable.
  • Final remarks and gratitude.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Comfortable yoga attire suitable for movement.
  • Yoga mats and props for each participant.
  • Open space for movement activities.
  • Workshop materials (handouts, resources) as needed.
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