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Movement Workshop - Evoke Your Human Animal

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Movement Workshop – “Evoke Your Human Animal” 

Spanning two transformative days, guides participants in reconnecting with primal instincts and unlocking innate physical capabilities through animal-inspired movements and natural patterns. This immersive experience, blending movement exploration, playfulness, and creativity, is meticulously designed to foster an embrace of primal nature and enhance overall physicality.

Day 1

Centers on Connecting with Your Primal Instincts.

Session 1 (1.5 hours)

Participants engage in welcoming icebreaker activities, establishing a comfortable atmosphere. An overview of objectives precedes a thorough exploration of the benefits of the primal movement and its modern-life relevance.

Session 2 (1 hour)

Immerses participants in guided sensory exercises, enhancing environmental awareness, mindfulness techniques, and group discussions on nature connection.

Session 3 (2 hours)

Introduces natural human animal movements, emphasizing form and functionality through guided practice and partner activities fostering cooperation and communication.

Day 2

This Movement Workshop Focuses on Embodying the Human Animal Spirit.

Session 4 (2 hours)

Integrates animal movements into flowing sequences, emphasizing fluidity during group and individual practice.

Session 5 (1.5 hours)

Introduces improvisational movement inspired by animal behaviors, featuring group games emphasizing creativity and playfulness, with a focus on self-expression.

Session 6 (2 hours)

Delves into a structured human-animal flow practice led by Kai Kjartan, emphasizing dynamic movements and transitions to build strength, mobility, and coordination while embracing the human-animal spirit.

The Closing and Reflection session (1 hour)

Concludes the workshops with a group discussion on experiences and insights, sharing breakthroughs, challenges, and favorite moments. If applicable, workshop materials/resources are distributed, followed by final remarks, expressions of gratitude, and certificates of completion. Participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for dynamic movement, bring yoga mats or soft exercise mats, and ensure an open space for activities. This two-day workshop offers an in-depth exploration of animal-inspired movements, tailored to participants’ interests and the instructor’s expertise, fostering a dynamic and enriching experience with a focus on natural movement patterns, creativity, and playfulness.

Movement Workshop - Soft Body Soft Floor

blurry face in front of a forest, movement workshop, movement education

Movement Workshop – Soft Body, Soft Floor

Workshop Objectives:

This movement workshop aims to develop a profound awareness of the body’s sensations and movements, emphasizing the interconnectedness of joints and soft tissues. Participants will cultivate a sense of softness, suppleness, and responsiveness in movement, enhancing the body-mind connection through mindfulness and breath awareness. The exploration of movement patterns will encourage fluidity and adaptability, providing practical tools for incorporating softness into daily activities, thereby improving overall well-being.

Day 1:

Developing Body Awareness and Connection to the Ground Introduction (1 hour): Welcoming participants and introducing the workshop’s goals and objectives, the session explains the importance of cultivating a soft and responsive body in movement. A brief overview of the workshop’s structure and expectations is provided.

Session 1:

Grounding and Body Scan (1.5 hours): The session explores the concept of grounding and its significance in movement. Participants engage in a guided meditation and body scan to increase awareness of body sensations, practicing mindful breathing to connect with the present moment and the environment. 

Session 2:

Fluid Warm-Up (1.5 hours): Gentle warm-up exercises focusing on fluid, continuous movements are performed. Joint mobility exercises are incorporated to awaken the body and increase circulation, emphasizing the sensation of softness in movement and encouraging participants to release tension.

Day 2:

Exploring Softness in Movement Patterns Session 3: Dynamic Flow (2 hours): Dynamic movement sequences are introduced, emphasizing flexibility and suppleness. Participants explore movements that transition smoothly between standing, sitting, and lying positions, encouraged to experiment with different rhythms and tempos.

Session 4:

Soft Floor Movement (2.5 hours): Introduction to movement on the floor precedes a guided exploration of various movements and transitions while maintaining a soft and responsive body. Engaging in partner exercises involving gentle touch and support enhances the feeling of softness.

Session 5: Integrating Softness into Daily Life (1.5 hours):

Facilitating a discussion on incorporating softness principles into everyday activities, the session introduces mindful movement practices for relaxation and stress reduction. Tips for maintaining a supple body and relaxed mindset outside of the workshop are provided.

Closing and Reflection (1 hour):

Conducting a group discussion and sharing insights from the movement workshop, the session reflects on participants’ experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs. Resources for further exploration, including recommended reading, online communities, and practices, are provided. Workshop Requirements: Participants should wear comfortable yoga attire suitable for movement, bring yoga mats and props, and ensure an open space for movement activities. Workshop materials, including handouts and resources, should be provided as needed. 

Movement Workshop - Missing Links In Yoga

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Movement Workshop – Missing Links In Yoga 

Offers a one-day immersive experience, focusing on often overlooked aspects to deepen participants’ yoga practice. Lasting approximately 6 hours, this workshop provides a holistic understanding beyond postures, addressing the subtle dimensions of breath, alignment, philosophy, and mindfulness. This movement workshop begins with a 30-minute introduction, featuring a warm welcome and engaging icebreaker activities. An overview of goals and structure is provided, initiating a discussion on the concept of “missing links” in yoga practice.

In Session 1 (1 hour),

Participants explore yoga’s historical and philosophical roots, discussing the relevance of the Eight Limbs of Yoga to modern practice. The session guides reflection on integrating philosophy into asana practice.

Session 2 (1 hour)

delves into the breath as the foundation of practice, engaging in breath awareness exercises, and pranayama techniques, and exploring the connection between breath and movement, emphasizing its enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. A 1-hour lunch break follows.

Session 3 (1.5 hours)

Goes deeper into alignment principles in key yoga poses, discussing the importance of safe and functional alignment. Practical exercises and adjustments are conducted to optimize alignment.

In Session 4 (1.5 hours),

Mindfulness techniques for enhancing yoga practice are introduced, guiding meditation with movement to cultivate presence on the mat. The discussion extends to integrating mindfulness into asana practice and daily life.

The workshop concludes with a 30-minute closing and reflection session, featuring a group discussion on insights gained.

Participants share personal experiences and realizations, and if applicable, workshop materials/resources are distributed. Final remarks and expressions of gratitude wrap up the immersive experience. Participants are required to wear comfortable yoga attire, bring yoga mats and props, and ensure an open space for movement activities. Workshop materials and resources are provided as needed. The workshop’s structure facilitates a comprehensive exploration, addressing commonly neglected aspects and fostering a deeper connection with yoga.

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